A recent Article in the Americas Quarterly contributed by Michael G. Donovan and Theresa Turner-Jones, titled, “Caribbean Housing Is Expensive and Scarce. How to Change That”, brings to our attention the endemic problem of housing in the Caribbean region. Closer home in Jamaica we see this dilemma being played out. Despite lethargic economic growth over […]

Adverse Possession commonly referred to as Squatting is merely occupying land without permission of the owners. This practice is common in Jamaica and many people leave their properties behind without being aware of the risks. There have been countless instances where unoccupied plots are taken over by persons who build homes on them, live for […]

Land in this context refers to raw land or land with building.In either instance, the cost of transacting remains the same. However the most pertinent difference would be the value of each as the costs are in most cases calculated on the basis of the value of the land. This discussion is also applicable to […]

An increase in foreign direct investment as well as government policy has seen a steady upturn in the Jamaican economy with increased prospects for incremental growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).As consumer confidence continues to improve, there has been an increased interest for both residential and commercial developments with demand being pivoted by both […]

If you are resident overseas the property purchase decision in Jamaica can be very daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with or have not spent considerable time in the market to understand its dynamics. The adage location, location, location, location cannot be overstated. Finding the ideal location depends on a number of factors, such as […]